Research Papers

Leaders under Scanner-Concurrent Evaluation of Leaders

It is said that while we see the world with two eyes, the world observes us with thousand eyes. What is implied is that as an individual our behaviour, actions, demeanor and activities

Education-Foremost on India's Development Agenda!

In the post-independence period our leaders, planners, politicians and administrators envisaged various growth strategies to bring about socio economic development of the country.

Internet Marketing-Boon or Bane for Indian Exporters

"Despite all the attention that Internet companies get these days,it's just a transitory phase, because in coming years, there won't be any Internet companies - they'll all be Internet Companies"- Andy Groves, Intel Chairman.

Corporate Sector's foray in Education in India-The emerging trends and dimensions

If knowledge is power then education is the empowering mechanism, which equips an individual with knowledge and skills required to meet challenges of establishing himself/ herself in the society as a responsible and useful citizen.

Direction of Indian Education-The Road Ahead

Indian educational system has moulded itself on the pattern of British education system. Post Independence, all government's greatly emphasised the importance of spreading education to all corners of the country.